How Can I Tell if My AC Compressor is Bad & Needs to Be Replaced in Fresno, CA? Won’t Kick On, Warm Air & More

Air conditioners break down, it’s not fun, but they do. The great thing is that they do great for years and years but they do inevitably get old and break down. So, what are the signs of an AC compressor failure? You want to catch it early so you know when to call a professional. Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you understand what the signs are so you know what to look for and give a professional a call when it happens.

AC Compressor Won’t Kick On

Your AC is supposed to be turning on. You have made sure that the thermostat is correctly set, but it doesn’t seem to be turning on. Why is that? It can be because the compressor won’t turn on. That means your outside unit isn’t working. You can always try to lower the temperature on the thermostat to see if it will click on. But if nothing is happening when you do that and you know that the indoor unit is working just fine, then it is time to call a professional to come and take a look.

Warm Air from Vents

When the air that is coming out of your vents is blowing warm air, there could be a number of things happening that could cause this issue. But one of those things this that your compressor is failing. This happens when the compressor can’t pump the cooling gas through the system. When it can’t get the cooling gas through the system it can’t get the air-cooled to cool down your house. that is when warm air is blowing out of the vents instead of cool air.

Tripped AC Circuit Breaker

Your AC can sometimes trip your breaker. If it is overheating and drawing too much power to the AC then it could trip your breaker. Yes, you can reset it and start up your AC again. But there is a chance of it happening again and again. If your AC is making your breaker trip then you need to call a professional to come to take a look and see why it is tripping. It could be that your compressor is failing and need to be fixed or replaced.

Vibrating Outside AC Condenser Unit

If your condenser unit acts like it is having a hard time turning on don’t ignore it. Often if the condenser unit is starting to vibrate when it is turning on that means it is struggling to turn on. If this is happening call a professional. This is a great sign for you to see that your compressor is about to fail. Calling a professional can help catch a big problem with your AC before it happens.

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If you are noticing any of these signs happening to your compressor unit then don’t ignore it. You don’t want to go without AC. These signs are telling you that your compressor is starting to fail. Call a professional like Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating to come and take a look and fix your AC problems.

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