Common Central Air Conditioning Unit Problems & Issues; Wiring, Low Refrigerant Charge & Dirty A/C Filters in Reedley CA

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is necessary when it comes to creating a relaxing environment for you and your family. When your air conditioning unit fails to provide you with this luxury, it can make your home reach uncomfortable temperatures and cause you to stress out when thinking about costly repairs, or even replacing your entire unit. Keeping your air conditioning unit in good shape may seem difficult, especially when you do not know what you are doing. Scheduling regular maintenance checkups with an HVAC professional will ensure that your unit is reliable all year long.

Central Air Conditioning Wiring Issues

While determining what is wrong when your air conditioning unit fails to work properly can be tricky, there are a handful of common issues that occur more than others. Faulty wiring can cause your system to work improperly and can also be a dangerous hazard. Uncertified air conditioning wiring is risky and a possible fire hazard. Bad wiring can prevent the system from getting power and can also trip a circuit breaker. If you suspect that your unit may have faulty wiring, or if there is smoke coming from the unit, immediately call a professional and turn your unit’s power off.

Air Conditioner Low Refrigerant Charge

On a warm day, cool air provides a retreat for you and your family and if the air blowing out of your vents is not cool, and then it can make for an uncomfortable day at home. Low refrigerant is the number one cause of air not being cooled before it is pumped into your home through the vents. Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your air conditioning system, and if your system is running low on refrigerant, then the air flowing into your home will not be completely cooled if at all. A professional A/C technician will make sure that your refrigerant levels are sufficient to keep your home cooled.

Change Air Conditioner Filter Regularly

Air conditioning unit filters can accumulate a great deal of dust, dirt and grime. If the filter on your system is dirty, then your system is forced to work harder and longer, which may result in your unit getting burned out. Changing your filter regularly will assist in your unit’s productivity and efficiency.

Professional Air Conditioning Inspection & Troubleshooting Repairs & Preventative Maintenance in Reedley, Clovis, Selma, Fresno & the Central Valley California

Performing a regular inspection on your unit will help to prevent hiccups. Contact Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule regular maintenance checkups on your air conditioning unit. A professional technician will help prevent major system breakdowns and ensure that your unit is reliable and works properly all year long.

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