What are the Benefits of Upgrading to an Energy Efficient Digital Programmable Thermostat in Clovis CA?

Everything these days seems to have moved to digital and that includes your thermostat that is keeping your air conditioning unit set at your desired temperature. The older thermostats that are not digital use a dial that is inaccurate to set and you are not able to do much except set a general temperature. It is hard to be sure what temperature you are actually getting. When it comes to your air conditioning unit as an appliance, it uses the majority of the energy in your home. It is used during all seasons whether to heat or cool your home.

Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating has some reasons why upgrading to a digital thermostat is beneficial to you.

Digital Thermostat Settings: When it comes to a digital thermostat you are able to use many more settings. You can go from heating to cooling and also turn on the fan so that the air is circulating throughout the home. There are also settings that you can use to program when the air will kick on and off. This is great for when you know you will be home or away. You can set one temperature for the times that you are home and another for when you and your family are not going to be there. You can also set different times for different days of the week. You then don’t have to think about or remember to change the temperature each time you leave or come home.

Energy Efficient Thermostat: The new digital thermostat is a great way to save money. You are able to pin point an exact temperature that you want and it will not fluctuate around very often. This means that less energy is wasted. Also if you use the settings for home and away you are setting the temperature to be a little more comfortable while you are enjoying time inside and moving to a more affordable degree when you are gone. This means that you do not need to remember to change the temperature when you leave the house. You can leave knowing that the thermostat will do the work for you. This is a great way to save energy.

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If you are ready to upgrade your thermostat for a new digital option you can call Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating and we can come and install one for you. We also can give you instructions on how to use the settings that come with the thermostat that you choose.

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