Could your Air Conditioning & Heating Ductwork Have a Leak or Hole & Need Repair Service in Reedley CA?

When you talk about the air conditioning unit in your home you probably think about the thermostat, the actual a/c and heating unit and the air vents where the air comes out. One of the most important parts of a heating and air conditioning unit that you may not think of is the ductwork. This is a series of metal tubes that are installed in the attic or crawl space of your home. The tubes are not one full piece but rather are fitted together piece by piece. This means that there are joining parts that are susceptible to having a leak. The duct is installed in the home when it is built and as long as it is done correctly will cool or heat each room appropriately. The duct is attached to the unit where the air starts and is sent through the house and into each room to adequately cool or heat the house entirely. Because the duct work is hidden from view it could get a leak and you may not even know about it.

Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating has ductwork leak signs that you can look for and what can be done to repair them

Air Conditioning & Heating Ductwork Leak Signs: If you start to notice that you have a room that is not being cooled or heated like the rest of the house you could have a leak in the duct work. If this is happening you need to first check on the vent to be sure that it is opened all the way. If it is then it could be because of a leak in the air duct. You can also look out for an increase in the energy usage and bill. The energy may go up compared to what is normal for that time or year because the air is leaking out of the duct and sent into the attic or crawl space which will not heat or cool your home properly. If this is happening it will make the unit work harder and run more often to make up for the air that is leaking out. In turn this will show up as an increase in the amount of energy that is used.

Air Conditioning & Heating Ductwork Leak Repair? The best thing that you can do if you suspect that you have a leak in your ductwork is to call a professional to inspect the ductwork. It can be hard to check on your own since it is an entire series that is usually in a small space that may be hard to access. A professional like Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating knows what to look for and how to fix it. If we find a leak we can seal it so that the air no longer is able to leak out.

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