Heating Problems? Warning Signs of a Bad or Failing Furnace in the Central Valley, CA

Temperatures are dropping and the cold winter months will soon be upon us. It is always best to be prepared than to be caught in a predicament that causes discomfort, inconvenience, and frustration. Just as it is important to pre-check the air conditioning unit as the weather warms, it is just as prudent to inspect the furnace to help ward off any unnecessary catastrophes.

Spotting a failing furnace is a fairly simple task. Keep in mind safety when inspecting the furnace and if there is ever any doubt or just plain reluctance, a skilled technician with Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating can conduct an evaluation and help decide, if replacing or repairing is in need.

Furnace’s age. Furnaces have a general life span of 16-20 years. If you realize your furnace is coming up to the end of this lifespan, or even surpassed it, it is a good idea to begin shopping around for your next furnace. Consider energy efficiency, along with quality. Planning for this expense is better strategized as opposed to a panicked frenzy where the possibility of purchasing a poor quality furnace might occur in the confusion.

Utility bills abnormally high. This can happen when furnaces lose their efficiency, if they are failing or perhaps not well maintained. Furnaces working overtime will show up on gas or electric bills. Should you notice the rise, getting a professional inspection should be scheduled right away.

Consistent furnace repairs. Furnaces are approaching retirement when they have needed several repairs in the last 2 years. Furnaces accrue costly repairs near the end of their life. Older furnaces take time to find replacement parts, so if you’re unsure of the age, hard to find parts will help in determining it.

Thermostat adjusting. Another sure sign of a struggling furnace is thermostat troubles. Some rooms could be feeling too old, others too hot. Or perhaps the thermostat is in need of constant readjusting. Where that could be a thermostat issue, it could also be a sign of a troubled furnace.

Burner flame is yellow or blue. A yellow or orange colored flame could be an indication of a poisonous gas known as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can be very toxic and even deadly in high doses. If the flame is yellow or orange, remove pets and everyone living in the home immediately. If safe, turn off the furnace and call your local utility company. Seek medical attention.

Irregular sounds. Banging, popping, squealing, and rattling noises are protests of a straining furnace. The sound of the blower running erratically could also indicate malfunctioning.

Excessive dryness and dustiness. Old furnaces are generally inadequate regarding proper ventilation and are unable to moisturize and circulate clean air throughout the home. Allergy sufferers could be affected more so than normal. Dry furniture and droopy plants all point to insufficient ventilation air flow.

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These all could be indications of a failing furnace that is in need of repair or replacing. If you believe that your furnace is having complications, Extreme Air Heating and Cooling can conduct a full analysis to determine the needs of your furnace. Don’t be taken off guard with a sudden furnace fail and be proactive this winter.

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