Do you Need an Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fresno CA?

Any time you come home from a long day at work and realize that the temperature in your home is not what it is supposed to be, then you might need an emergency air conditioning repair service. It always seems that your unit tends to have a problem in the hottest or coldest times of the year. This can be an emergency when the temperature outside is at a degree that could be dangerous to be in for a long period of time. If the weather is nice out, you have more time to take care of repairs and fix it at a later time during normal business hours. There are moments when you need to use an emergency HVAC service to repair your air conditioning unit and there are some things you should try before you call.

Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating has prepared what might be wrong and when you need to call for emergency A/C service whether day or night.

There are several things that you can try before you call for emergency service. One of the first things that you can do to see if there is a problem is to go look at the circuit breaker. There could be a breaker that has been tripped and just needs to be flipped back on. This would be an easy fix and takes only a few minutes. Another thing to do is look at the thermostat and see if there is an error with the settings. Some people may make a change to the thermostat and forget about it. Then when you come home it is no longer set to the temperature that you like. This is an easy fix and you can take care of it yourself by simply adjusting the thermostat. If you have checked these couple of options and you have not had any luck getting it back working then you may need to call a professional AC service company like Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating. It’s a great idea to have a relationship with a local licensed HVAC company so you know who to call when you are in a bind and need emergency services.

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If you find yourself in your home and the AC is not working you can call Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating any time; day or night for emergency repairs.

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