How Often Does an AC Unit Need to Be Replaced in Kingsburg, CA? Tips for Selecting a New Air Conditioner & More

When it is time to get an AC replacement many people just cringe. That is a lot of money. So how do you know if it is time to replace your AC, and what are the benefits of replacing one? Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating is here to talk about what you need to be thinking about when you are considering an AC replacement.

How Long Do AC Units Usually Last?

How old is your AC? An AC is not meant to last forever. When they get older, they start to have more problems. More frequent problems mean more frequent repairs. Another sign is when you keep turning the air down but your house doesn’t cool the way you would like it to. If your bill keeps getting higher when you haven’t changed anything about the way you use your AC is another indication. If any of this sounds all too familiar, then the best thing you can do is get an AC replacement.

Consideration in Selecting a New Air Conditioner?

When you are looking into an AC replacement, bigger is not better. You want to make sure you find an AC that fits the size of your unit. If you get it too big or too small it will cause problems for your unit and not work properly. Getting a bigger unit will not cool your house down more. Next, this one you should already know, but you also need to know if you need a ductless AC or do you have ducts throughout your house. They are two different products. You will also want to make sure it has a high SEER rating. Ideally, you want it greater than 15. All of these are things you need to consider when looking for an AC replacement.

Can You Install an AC Unit By Yourself or Should You Hire a Professional?

When it comes to installing your AC replacement you should leave it to the professionals. Don’t try and do it yourself. It is more than just plugging it in and it is good to go. A professional knows what they are doing and will make sure it is installed correctly. Often, they will have to make sure you have the right electrical updates and fix that. Then the professional will check if there needs to be new piping and figure out how much is required.

Why a New AC Unit is Worth It

An AC can last about 10 years depending on how well you take care of it. So, what are the benefits of getting a replacement vs just keep getting your old one fixed? Getting a new one will ensure that your system will run more smoothly. It will improve air quality; lower your power bills and you won’t have to keep lowering the temperature hoping you get the comfort you are looking for.

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If you are considering an AC replacement, the benefits of replacing your old one will outweigh keeping the old one and wasting money. Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating will gladly help you with a new AC replacement along with any problems or questions you may have. Call us today!

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