What are the Two Main Functions of the AC Evaporator Coil? Do Coils Need to Be Cleaned in Dinuba, CA?

There are several different working parts that are found inside your AC unit that work to keep you cool throughout the summer months. It is important that you know what they do and how to care for them so that you can avoid any problems this summer. One of those parts that is essential to keeping you cool even when the temperatures are at their highest, is the evaporator coil. Extreme Air Conditioning & Heating is here to talk about the evaporator coil and how it works.

Where is Evaporator Coil Located?

The first step to caring for and maintaining the evaporator coil is to know where it is and what it looks like. You will find your evaporator coil inside your home. This part of your AC is made up of several metal coils that run in U-shapes. There are two panels that usually come together to form an “A” shape.

What are the Two Main Functions of the Evaporator Coil?

For your home to feel cooler during the summer, the air has to be cooled as well as the moisture removed from the air. When there is humidity in your home, it doesn’t matter how cold you get the air, you aren’t going to feel comfortable. The evaporator coil is the part of your AC that works to cool the air and remove the moisture from the air. Refrigerant is pumped through these metal tubes from the outside unit. The warm air in your home then blows over the top of the coils and cools off. The moisture is removed from the air because it collects on the tubes and then falls into the condensate pan and drains out from the unit.

Do Evaporator Coils Need to Be Cleaned?

It is essential to your AC system that thee evaporator coil is cleaned and maintained. If there is dirt and debris that has accumulated on the metal tubes, it can create big problems for your AC system. When they are dusty and dirty, they can’t absorb the heat like they need to in order to keep you cool. If it can’t absorb the heat properly, it can cause the evaporator coil to start to ice over. If ice collects on the coil, it will leave you hot and uncomfortable until it gets fixed. When there is stress on your evaporator coil, it can lead to other problems with your system.

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